School teams all set to join the parade!

It’s very exciting to see so many different types of dances being featured at the Penang Yosakoi Parade!

We have just received news that a big contingent from Kedah, from the SMK Sultan Abdul Halim school. The school has a large Japanese language group, and in the past few years, the students have come out in force to participate at the Penang Bon Odori with their signature ‘Soran Bushi’ dance.

The Soran Bushi is a traditional fisherman’s folk song from Hokkaido in the north, and the actions evoke the pulling of nets laden with fish from the sea.

On this side of the causeway, the St Georges Girl’s School’s Japanese Language Society are also busy planning their debut as a Yosakoi team. ?It would be interesting to see how the girls can muster their creative forces to choreograph their own unique dance for the event!

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