Reflections and Thank you!!!

The Penang Yosakoi Parade & Carnival has come and gone and by most accounts, it was a roaring success, thanks to the Co-organisers, Sponsors, Participants, helpers and the approx 15,000 people who took trouble to come all the way to see, feel and experience a Japanese Carnival event!

A very big “Thank you” to everyone who came to support and have fun on the day!

Right now, there are TONS of photos and blogs covering the event on the web, and the photos are really fantastic! Please check our Facebook page for postings and sharings from those who attended the event.

The newspapers that have online coverage are also here:-

At this point, Id like to express my sincere appreciation to the team members of the Penang Yosakoi Parade Organising Committee who not only committed their time and effort, but literally sacrificed their sleep and family commitments, to only gain (more) white hairs and heartache to put this event on the Penang map.

We are literally a group of housewives (yes, its true but one of us does actually have a proper job and another is actually a guy! Haha!), who got together with this crazy dream to bring Yosakoi to Penang and to let everyone experience a Japanese carnival atmosphere here in Penang.

As the Organiser, we would be the first to admit that it was obviously not perfect, as there were many issues such as crowd control and lack of announcements that caused inconvenience and problems. These problems were not without reason and largely stem from lack of funds, which meant we had to rely a lot on voluntary contribution. But the nature of voluntary contributions is that it is very dependent on whims of the contributor, so while the voluntary spirit is there, things sometimes do not go as planned. While we acknowledge and appreciate their contribution, we hope to have your understanding and forgiveness for the shortcomings noted.

On the last note, we hope that the event has shown the people of Penang the concept of a Yosakoi night, and that this will inspire people to pledge their support early in the year so that we can indeed hold it again next year! From now till end April 2013, we are hoping to see Sponsors, Vendors, helpers coming forward so if you know of any one who would like to participate in Penang Yosakoi 2014, please get in touch!

Again, thank you sooooo much everyone once again from the bottom of our hearts,
Representing the Pink Hibiscus Club Organising Team
Emi Yamazaki
Kiyoka Naruke, Hitomi Ogawa, Daniel Stuart, Chng Soo Bee and Miki Kobayashi

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