Penang Global Tourism

The Penang Global Tourism has been a keen supporter for the Penang Yosakoi Parade since the very beginning. A State vehicle to promote Tourism to Penang, it focuses on bringing the human element to life in a UNESCO heritage city.


We are pleased that the Penang Yosakoi Paradehas been Endorsed by the State Government of Penang.



2 thoughts on “Penang Global Tourism

  1. I was about to register but the rgtrstiaeion is closed.I have paid for my bus fare + stay in Penang.Can you check whether me and my spouse is registered for the event? We would like to attend the event.Kindly reply me via email.Thank you.

    • Hello Mr Rodrigo,
      The Penang Yosakoi Parade is still open for registration if you would like to join in the parade. Please send us your details to let us know if you are a dancer or parader or others – the participation form can be found in the Home Post or in the section called the Event. However, if you intend to join us only to attend the event, you need not register to join.

      We will amend the website to delete the conflicting information. Thank you for alerting us to it and we look forward to seeing you in Penang on January 19th!

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