What is Yosakoi? よさこいって?(英語のみ)

In Japan, the Yosakoi Carnival Parade is attended by tens of thousands of participants and hundreds of thousands of spectators who throng the main street to catch a glimpse of the energetic Yosakoi dance performances.

The Parade is reminiscent of the Buenos Aires? Carnival or New Orlean?s Mardi Gras Parade where dancers, floats, and bands parade down the street in an all-out celebration street party.

Yosakoi dancing quickly became popular because the rules were simple, but also because it could be enjoyed by virtually everyone – from kids to 80 year old senior citizens.

Teams as large as 100 would engage in synchronised dancing, and the choreography was created by each team to suit their ability and styles. Each team could also be creative with their own costumes – many of which are colourful and beautifully made.

Yosakoi has spread far beyond the shores of Shikoku – all the way up to Hokkaido in the North – where it has adopted the Hokkaido’s fisherman folk song ‘Soran-bushi’ as the theme music. This version of Yosakoi is now known as ‘Yosakoi-Soran’. In Tokyo, the ‘Super Yosakoi’ event is held every year at Harajuku – Tokyo’s hippest are for high-fashion, earning it as one of Tokyo’s top 10 events. And now here in Penang, Yosakoi is soon to be an iconic event!

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