Why is Yosakoi so great!?!

Yosakoi caught on like Wildfire in Japan, because it was so simple and yet so fun for EVERYONE to participate!

All you needed was the clapper and the sense of fun to get involved! It caught on first with the university students because 1) it was a team event and 2) it allowed them to express their creativity in composing their unique songs and choreography AND costumes.

The choreography and pace was entirely up to the group – it could be fast, or slow; Japanese or Western, even Chinese themed!

Soon, kids started to join, and in Japan, they even have a team made up of people all over the age of 80 years old!!! Cool grandmamas!

The Yosakoi is also a great event because it helps to promote the local culture. In Kochi, where Yosakoi first started, they used their local folk songs and made it famous. In Hokkaido, the Soran Bushi – a local Hokkaido fisherman’s folk song was incorporated to become the Yosakoi Soran.

As for Malaysia? It’s Yosakoi Rasa Sayang!!!

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