Programme for the evening プログラム


6pm Launch of the Yosakoi Parade

In the meantime, you’ll get to enjoy the following (in no specific order of appearance)

Mizukake Mikoshi

Yosakoi dances by teams from Perlis, Penang, Pahang and Kedah.

Cosplayers from Penang, KL, Singapore, Japan and more!

Japanese Martial Arts team demo

Parade Bus Rides – join the parade on top of the open air bus!! Open to public!

Fun and Games at the Carnival – Ghost House, Splash Mob, Kingyo Sukui and more!

11pm Finale

Keep coming back this page for further details

18時 エスパラネード広場にて 屋台 出店の開店 ライト通りにてカーニバルの開始 和太鼓演奏

23時 閉会式


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