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Penang Yosakoi Dance Competition 2023

Criteria & Rules



Participation Criteria

  • The Competition is open only to Non-Japanese teams as a way to promote Yosakoi to locals and non-Japanese audiences.

  • All non-Japanese Yosakoi teams will be automatically entered into the Dance competition.

  • All teams compete on an equal footing.

  • No minimum number is set for each team, although please note that the bigger your team, the greater the impact. There is also no maximum number set for each team.


Prizes will be awarded for the

  • Overall Champion

  • Best Costume Winner

  • Best Team Spirit Winner


Participation is FREE for all teams but inclusion in the parade is subject to the 

confirmation due to limited time and priority.


Dance Criteria

Yosakoi teams will be required to dance both the STREET/PARADE version and the Stage version of your choreography this year.

1) Street Version - the regular parade version of the dance whereby teams must TRAVEL down the road and cover minimum of 100ft in one song.  Approximate length of the parade road is 560ft long = 170m.  You are required to dance at least three times for the competition.  

2) Stage Version – using the same music, the stage version will be performed on a flat surface approximately 60ft x 60ft.  You are required to dance only ONCE for the competition.

3)  Any music in any language may be used

However additional points will be awarded if teams incorporate part of either Penang Sakura Ondo music or the Penang Zakura music.

3) Any style of choreography may be used

However, some reference to Yosakoi must be adhered to, either by way of Naruko or other props, dance moves or costume.


Judging Criteria

Judges will be scoring to the following criteria:


For Choreography

  • Choreography - difficulty of moves & degree of synchronisation

  • Originality & Creativity of Choreography and Dance Style

  • Presentation and Choreography for the Stage competition

  • Passion & Energy during Performance

  • Spatial awareness - good use of space (stage) & pace (street)


*It is a common complaint that teams do not move enough along the road. Points may bededucted if teams move too slowly and do not reach their finishing point by the time the music stops)

For Costume

  • Originality of Costume Design

Beauty - colour sense, overall team aesthetics of Costume


  • For Team Spirit

How well the team is synchronised and works as a team

The SPIRIT and Energy of the team - if they are having fun and enjoy dancing


  • The Overall winner based on aggregate points

  • More than one prize may be awarded to one team.

  • The decision of the judges is final.


Submission/ Registration

Please submit your team for inclusion into the Penang Yosakoi Parade 2022 by Online

Registration (Google Forms). Please submit your form ASAP to indicate your intention to participate. 

You will also need to submit a description of your team and music online by the deadline.

Deadline: 2nd September 2022 Midnight


If you are unable to submit your registration online, please download, print and fill the 

and then send it to us by email to We regret that 

no longer accept forms by fax.

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